07 Feb, 2016

Welcome to Quantum Forge Alliance

"We have to start somewhere..."

This has been our motto since beginning our corporation, and now our alliance. Everyone starts with just one person, a vision, and a set of goals to help realize that vision. We've come a long way, but we're nowhere close to finished. That's where you come in. 

We've always identified ourselves with being "the good guys"... non-pirates. Pilots who will help others gain traction in EVE and prosper... becoming the future strength for our corporations, and now, our alliance. We have to continue and strengthen that identity. We have to be the pilots everyone wants to associate with. This is the way we're going to grow; this is the way we WANT to grow. Alliances who just try to go out and conquer space cannot thrive without having other reasons for "being". Our reason for being is not only to grow and conquer space, but to do it without the trash talk, the arrogance and vileness which is most typical these days.

If you're a corporation looking for close ties with other other alliance members... who want to fly in joint operations quite often. If you're an individual who wishes to fight piracy either through direct confrontation or through the might of your scientific and industrial skill, this is the place for you. 

Enjoy your time here...


Application to Eclipse Industrials Corporation...

If you're interested in applying to Eclipse Industrials Corporation, it is a requirement that you register on this site as well as submit your application in-game. We do this so we have a good understanding of how you will fit into the structure of our corporation.

I hope to see you as a member soon!

Balcor Mirage

Corporate Charter Rules for Alliance

Following are guidelines each member corporation must adopt as part of their charter...

Expansion is our constant drive, and to such end we aggressively recruit industrial and combat pilots. Now that we are a growing alliance, we must institute a few changes and formalize rules that we've followed from inception. Our corporations must abide by our code of conduct.